Exhibition Review - NICHOLAS BYRNE: 'Finish your sentence' Vilma Gold, London till Nov 14th 2015.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Image of Vilma Gold London with Art exhibition review by Drenched Co

Byrne is a master doodler, 
assiduously working out
on his colourful worksheets, 
the obscure and ruptured topology 
of presence and absence, 
knowing and unknowing. - Drenched Co

Comment: "I saw doodles and references to many painters of yore. And although little about the paintings reference a body, I couldn't help seeing them everywhere. My favourtie was without doubt the painting that was not traditionally hung."- Jayzee

See http://vilmagold.com/exhibition/nicholas-byrne/

See also http://www.soaked.space/2015/10/exhibition-review-nicholas-byrne-finish.html

Caption: Pic Above: Installation view Vilma Gold 2015 Photo: © Mark Blower 2015 (mark@markblower.com)
Image courtesy the artist and Vilma Gold, London.
We take great care not to harm the image in any way. It has not been cropped, altered, montaged or overlaid with text ( only in the separate sections below and above it) or manipulated in any way. Images are always used with supplied captions. And the views expressed here are solely those of the authors in their private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the said artists or gallery. - Drenched Co.

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