Exhibition Review - Cornelia Baltes:'Drunk Octopus wants to fight' Limoncello, London till 20th Feb 2016.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Image of Limoncello, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

I can't tell if I am intrigued more by Cornelia's comical forms or the way everything plummets into ambiguity, giggling! - Drenched Co.

Comment: " Cornelia is the bravest artist I know. She opens apertures onto places mainstream artist avoid, into the quirky undertow of our lives. And she confidently wields humour, gobs of paint and routed MDF into wacky cacophonous imagery. And through her wonderful circuitous routes of observations, through her use of rhythms and colors and particularly through her humorous pared down depictions, these quirks of daily life bring  microscopic rifts to the logic and relation of parts to the elusive whole. All the while looking so wonderfully ballsy and cool." - FaSa

See http://www.limoncellogallery.co.uk/exhibitions/drunk-octopus-wants-to-fight/

See also http://www.soaked.space/2016/01/exhibition-review-cornelia-baltesdrunk.html

Caption: Image above: Installation view   Cornelia Baltes©   Limoncello, London  2016 
Image courtesy of the artists and Limoncello, London.
We take great care not to harm the image in any way. It has not been cropped, altered, montaged or overlaid with text ( only in the separate sections below and above it) or manipulated in any way. Images are always used with supplied captions. And the views expressed here are solely those of the authors in their private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the said artists or gallery. - Drenched Co.

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